Face Paint Experimentation


Following my Kruger-inspired leg graffiti, using myself and my body in my art became a lot more of a frequent occurrence to the point that now I don’t know how I would make art without it! Something that has always fascinated me is make-up. Why do we wear it? Because we look shit without it? Apparently so. But why do we think that? Depressingly it’s because that’s what society has led us to believe. And I am a hypocrite when I say all this because I wear make-up on a daily basis and I love the transformation my eyes undergo between pre and post-make-up. I bought face paint one day wanting to exaggerate the transformation process that make-up could create. Here are some of the results:




I created nine looks in one day. BAD IDEA. My face was so unbelievably raw by the end of it from repeated removal and reapplication. But it was a very interesting process. Obviously these faces are terribly exaggerated in comparison to what make-up does to us, but it really highlights the fact that every time we put something on our face, we are putting on a mask.