In The Name of Art

I think my laptop has been hinting at me to blog about this piece for a while now. Every time I open my pictures folder it's there. There are more images which I will eventually post, but this one is my favourite and for now I feel it's enough. I've been putting it off until now... Continue Reading →



I think a lot of the time the danger with art is over thinking it. There is all this pressure on you as an artist to be conceptual, to have ideas that feed and fuel your work, when sometimes all you want to do is sit down and paint. I think that's why I like... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peak

Untitled: projection, greaseproof paper, wood, thread So given that in my last post I discussed my inner turmoil and my struggle going from sketchbook to screen, I thought I would give you a sneak peak into what I'm doing at the moment. Quite a drastic shift from painting isn't it? I was in our project... Continue Reading →

Inner Conflict

I've been thinking about my work a lot recently. Well, I think about my work all the time but at the moment I've been thinking about it in a far more transitional sense. I am conflicted. My entire life has been a mess of paint. Brushes in my handbags, batik ink on my fingers and shoes, acrylic... Continue Reading →

Laurence Kavanagh: ‘October’

As promised here is the post about Laurence Kavanagh whose work I viewed the other night at Gallery North. I wasn't sure what to make of it initially. My first observation was the lack of colour. The show was entirely  monochrome with the exception of one piece. As a result it was evident that Kavanagh had truly pushed his... Continue Reading →

Alexandra Searle: ‘Empty Vessels’

I went to what was essentially a 'pop up' exhibition last night held at the Second Floor Studios of The Newbridge Project. It was a sculptural exhibit by artist Alexandra Searle in collaboration with Left Leg Gallery. Entry was through the back of Newbridge bookshop and up two flights of stairs. As I climbed the staircase my eyes... Continue Reading →

Sarah Daglish: ‘Ichor’

So last Thursday I went to the preview of Sarah Daglish's exhibition 'Ichor'. It was my first exhibition preview I've been to with the intention of blogging about it. Normally I'm just an exhibition addict because I love seeing new things and discovering new artists. Now however I have the urge to write about and... Continue Reading →

Exhibition Preview

Last night I attended a couple of exhibition previews that were going on simultaneously. One was in Gallery North and the other in the University Gallery. It was a truly inspiring evening with so many interesting people. And lots of wine. Let's not forget the wine! The exhibition held in Gallery North was Laurence Kavanagh's 'October'. Yes... Continue Reading →

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