In The Name of Art


I think my laptop has been hinting at me to blog about this piece for a while now. Every time I open my pictures folder it’s there. There are more images which I will eventually post, but this one is my favourite and for now I feel it’s enough. I’ve been putting it off until now as there’s an entire build up to this work which are important. Without those it can carry all the wrong connotations and be interpreted incorrectly. But then I thought, why do I need the build up? Shouldn’t a work be able to speak for itself? Isn’t the whole point of art the fact people will interpret different things in different ways? So I’m going to approach this from a completely new angle and ignore all my concepts behind it for now. Instead I’m just going to take about the comedy element. You should have seen how many looks I got doing this, people probably thought I was bonkers! Who wouldn’t?! I’m walking around in a framework covered in bags as if it’s the most ordinary thing in the world! Yet weirdly I didn’t feel too ridiculous. Well, the sense of animosity the bags provided probably were to thank for that. I think though people can justify doing a lot of crazy things ‘in the name of art’ and suddenly the crazy part doesn’t seem so radical. It’s the same with getting naked. If it’s for a photoshoot, why not? If it’s on the street, you’ll be arrested. It’s funny the safety net that art provides in cases like these…

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