On the Paintings of Chantal Joffe

It has been a long time since I discovered an artist whose work I immediately wanted to see in the flesh. This used to happen all the time when I was younger, at the point in my life where I was discovering art history and the tropes of different eras gone by. I can remember … Continue reading On the Paintings of Chantal Joffe


The Vagaries and Misconceptions of the Modern Man, Vane Gallery

Not Really Understanding Stuff: A Reptile Reliquary (2017) One of the most powerful and vibrant exhibitions I have seen in a long time is The Vagaries and Misconceptions of the Modern Man, a three-man show recently concluded at Vane Gallery. Featuring the work of Ralph Darbyshire, Richard Hollinshead and Kenneth Ross, the exhibition focuses on the … Continue reading The Vagaries and Misconceptions of the Modern Man, Vane Gallery

Antoni Gaudi

Architecture is a field I know very little about, mainly due to the fact I instead dedicate my time to art. I do however greatly enjoy visually absorbing the architecture of a city - one of the reasons I love living in Edinburgh so much! Everywhere you look there is an interesting element within the … Continue reading Antoni Gaudi


  My recent research is forcing me to think a lot about technology and its affects - it's incredibly interesting, as it's full of contradictions. On the one hand, technology brings us closer together; we can communicate instantly with anyone on a global scale and expect a reply within hours, if not minutes. We can … Continue reading Public/Private

Reflections on recent reading

22/07/17 Last week I participated in Collective Gallery's annual Summer School, which was an incredibly rich learning experience. Not only given the range of speakers in discussion, but also due to the mix of participants who created an interesting and dynamic workshop environment. It was a great week to ease me back into thinking critically … Continue reading Reflections on recent reading

Graffiti Diary, Madrid & Barcelona 2017

Recently I went on holiday to Madrid and Barcelona. What has developed into a natural impulse for me is documenting the graffiti in foreign cities. I never realised how much I liked graffiti until I went through photos on my camera and phone, only to find I am slowly gathering a personal archive of street … Continue reading Graffiti Diary, Madrid & Barcelona 2017