First Year Work

P1170410      P1170408

I think it is safe to say my work has changed a lot since my first year at Northumbria University in Newcastle. To be honest I would be very worried if it hadn’t as art is all about growth and development and frankly you’re wasting your time if you’re a tape recorder stuck on repeat. That’s not to say you can’t go back to things – draw them out and redevelop them. That often results in some of the most successful art! However, there are some things I will not be going back to again and first year has a lot of that kind of stuff. My way of thinking about art has changed a lot over the time I have been at University. I read more then I’ve ever read about art in my life. I’ve learnt about all sorts of different artists, been introduced to mediums I would never have registered as art forms before and learnt about so many interesting historical movements. My way of thinking has been transformed and it is healthy. It shows I have grown and evolved alongside my art which is a very exciting prospect. Also sometimes a very overwhelming one. Sometimes your creative energy can feel like too much and the only thing you can do to release it is get it down on paper!


I think out of all the work I did in first year these sketches are my favourite. They are portraits of terrorists and I wanted to create a beautiful image of a very ugly person. The delicate outlines of these faces contrasts with the brutality these men have committed. I think my favourite element is the colours. They are vibrant and they are intense. Yet when they are dense they solidify and loose this vibrancy. And I like that, the idea that something can be lost when there is an excess of it.

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