Welcome to the Mind of Milla

 P1170943      1737391_363499250459291_1807585098_n

So I’ve decided it’s about time I start a blog. I attempted to make one years back but lost the motivation to face and master technology so just stuck to drawing in my sketch books and hiding all my work away. That was when I was a shy fourteen year old. I like to think I’ve grown up a bit since then (although my tech skills are probably about the same level!). However, I am now at the age where I have learnt and evolved alongside my art and am therefore far more comfortable with my work and the idea of sharing it.

It’s an interesting one actually. Art is conventionally made to be hung on the wall for everyone to see and admire. Yet in a way that is my idea of a nightmare. Art hidden in sketchbooks piled up in a wardrobe or in a box under a bed is more my style. And has been for years. Which is ridiculous when you see famous artists exhibiting all over the world. But I guess for me it’s a difficult thing because my art is so personal – as it is for everyone of course. But it’s about having that bravery to remove all the barriers and let yourself be entirely vulnerable. Through your art you are allowing people to see the real you. And that is slightly terrifying. But hey, it’s about time I shared my work with the world so here goes. Happy reading!


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