Life Drawing

Life Drawing

I remember my first Life Drawing class. I was sixteen. The model walked in and removed her dressing gown. I felt ridiculously uncomfortable. There were three boys in my class and they were smirking and trying not to giggle. The room was unbearably hot to stop the model getting cold. My teacher walked over and directed the model into a pose. I prayed I got the back of her so I didn’t have to look at any intimate parts. Just my luck, I got the view with everything! I didn’t know where to look! But once we started drawing I wondered what the hell I was worried about. It was just a naked body after all. And this naked female body felt like the most interesting thing I had ever drawn! The curves and shadows, the folds of skin and the wrinkle creases, the muscle tone. I was hooked. Life Drawing became one of the highlights of my week. Looking and studying the human body as it moved, as it maintained a position over a set amount of time, at the shadows falling across it. This was where my love of studying the human form truly set in and I have never looked back since.


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