The Power of The Image

186A0860_resultSometimes I think people go to too much effort to explain themselves and their work. Sometimes it’s better just to stand back and let a piece be itself. After all, isn’t this what art is all about? Allowing people to formulate their own ideas and interpretations? What kind of art are you making if it can’t speak for itself? I suppose everyone works differently and I’m not condemning any particular working method. I’m just saying you have to believe in the power of your piece. To me, these photographs don’t need any justification or explanation. However that may just be because to me they are loaded and they are current. They are part of what I’m exploring now so they carry a lot of personal connotations. 


I like to think they can stand without all that however. These in themselves are about the way the light shines and the shadow falls. The way the body bends into slightly unnatural shapes. The creases of the material and the blurring in the foreground. They don’t need the research and the meaning behind them to be beautiful. They are images that can be solely appreciated for what they are. 

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