Social Networking Sites


So although I consider myself a technophobe, I have finally jumped on the social networking site bandwagon…Which to be honest is probably just as well given the fact there is now an entire art world existing purely on the internet! Where have I been?! I can not believe how much goes on on the web – and on a daily basis as well! Call me a granny but it is slightly overwhelming.Exciting as well of course, as there’s so much interesting content out there which is all so much more accessible for us these days. Which again is slightly terrifying; our society has been super sped up by technology and therefore we’re forced to process information at far higher a speed. The pace of life is also faster as a result and there is a constant demand for new stuff and new content. Well here we go, my turn to dabble a bit more in this online world. I now have an Instagram by the name of ‘themindofmilla’. And I’ve also got a Twitter by the same name.


It’s quite a contradiction to myself suddenly becoming part of this instantaneous world. I’m quite private in myself and my life, so I am using these platforms purely for my art and writing. I am not a selfie taker by any means – not for me, not my thing. So I usually associate these places, especially Instagram, with that kind of content. I could not be more wrong however, as that is a rarity – or at least it is in among the arty people and the arty places I follow. Twitter is just a really good platform for sharing things and keeping up with stuff. How handy! Starting to wonder why I’ve not looked into this more before. Well having said that, it’s all slightly addictive so probably a good thing I’ve been putting it off for this long! Anyway, if you fancy giving me a follow that would be delightful! Share away folks! 

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